Painting at Playgroup can be so much fun. Here are some wonderful ideas for incorporating painting into your Playgroup session.

Painting Songs

Making Orange Paint
Tune:  “Down By The Station”

Down at the paint store
Early in the morning.
See the little paint cans
Standing in a row.

See the paint worker
Mix yellow paint, in red.
Stir, stir, stir, stir
Now it’s orange paint –

Paint with Colours
Tune: Twinkle, Twinkle

I know my colours for painting fun, green like the grass and the yellow sun.
an orange pumpkin and white, white snow, a red rose and a black crow,
blue like a mailbox, brown like an ape, a pink pig and some purple grapes!

Two Little Paint Cans

Two little paint cans, sitting on the floor.
They knocked over, when I opened up the door.
As the blue and yellow paint flowed together, I had a big surprise.
The paint turned to green, right before my eyes!

Painting Ideas…

Paint with ice

Kids love to swirl the melting paint over paper, creating beautiful designs.

What You Need:

  • Liquid paint (or food colouring)
  • Ice cube tray
  • Craft sticks

What You Do:

  • Pour paint into the ice cube tray. When full place a craft stick into the middle of each paint cube. Place in the freezer.
  • When the paint cubes are frozen, it’s time to paint!
  • Hold the craft stick and swirl the frozen paint cube over paper. As it melts, it’ll leave a trail of paint. Use different cubes and see how they mix together.

Note:  Discuss the process of freezing. What happened to the paint when you put it in the freezer? What’s happening to the paint when it’s exposed to the warm air and paper? What does the paint feel like as it melts?

Bubble Painting

What you need

  • Paper
  • Containers with wide tops (e.g. plastic cups, yoghurt pots)
  • Powder or liquid paint
  • Washing-up liquid
  • Straws

What to do

  • Squirt paint and washing-up liquid into a container.
  • Add water and mix until the mixture is runny enough to blow bubbles with.
  • Using the straw, blow into the mixture until the container is so full of bubbles that they rise above the top rim.
  • Quickly take a piece of paper and lightly touch it onto the bubbles. As you touch the paper, the bubbles will burst and leave imprints.

Shaving cream “SNOW” paint

What You Need:

  • White glue
  • Shaving cream

What You Do:

  • Measure equal parts white glue and shaving cream. Mix together until the paint is thick and fluffy.
  • Use generous amounts of paint to create your masterpiece. As the paint dries, it will harden and create a three-dimensional snow painting.


This paint is perfect for creating “snow,” but it is easily adapted for a variety of projects. Add red and yellow paint and mix to make autumn leaves.

Fireworks Slime painting

What you need

  • Cornflour
  • Water
  • Fizzing bath bombs

What to do

  • Mix water with the cornflour to make slime.
  • Add bath bombs. Within a few seconds the bath bombs will activate and start releasing colour and bubbles to the surface in bright colourful firecracker bursts.

Note: Slime is amazing. It acts like a liquid one moment and a solid the next. Not only is slime great for sensory play but it encourages children’s scientific minds by talking about and observing strange physical properties of this great gooey stuff.

Painting with Straws:

What you need

  • Paint
  • Straws
  • Water
  • Squeeze bottles

What to do

  • Mix paint with water in a squeeze bottle
  • Squeeze paint onto paper
  • Blow air through a straw to make the paint move around the page


It’s best to keep the straw ABOVE the paper for maximum air movement and to prevent sucking or swallowing.

Mixing it up

To ‘mix up’ painting at playgroup, or for children with sensory issues, try the following different ways to paint.

  • Attach paper to an easel or other vertical surface
  • Use cars to roll through paint and make track marks
  • Use squeeze bottles or spray bottles with watered down paint
  • Use dish mops, bottle brushes or sponges as the paint brush
  • Paint with flower heads (agapanthus make great ‘fireworks paintings’) or leaves
  • Raid the bathroom for shaving or toothbrushes, loofahs or cotton buds/balls
  • Fly swatters make great pictures (and mess!)
  • Roll paint covered balls over plain paper
  • Make ‘butterflies’ by folding paint inside paper
  • Try using different media to paint on, e.g. corrugated cardboard, fabric, bricks/rocks, plastic, newspaper, etc…

See how imaginative your playgroup can get!

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