Believe it or not it is time for 2018 preschool children to submit their enrolment details!

What is Preschool?

Preschool is a non-compulsory part-time program.  Children attend for up to 15 hours per week, arranged in alternating weeks of three days and two days or else in programs of 2½ days per week. Preschools in general offer a play-based educational program, developing children’ skills in readiness for school. The evidence is clear that the skills developed in this important year lay healthy foundations for future learners.

The Canberra Preschool Society

The Canberra Preschool Society is committed to encouraging
preschool parent participation through a proud 70 year history of parental involvement in ACT preschools. For information about preschools, transition to preschool or to be involved see their webpage.

ACT Public School Preschools

The initial enrolment date starts from Wednesday 26th April and ends on 29 May 2017. Applications after this date will be considered in the subsequent enrolment period. The timeline for enrolments can be accessed on the ETD site here.

ACT public schools are non-selective. Each ACT public school gives priority to enrolment of children living in its Priority Enrolment Area (PEA). If a school has capacity after accepting students from its PEA, it may offer enrolment to students who live outside the PEA. Further information about priority enrolment areas is available on the Priority Enrolment Area webpage.

Some helpful tips:

  • All enrolments are completed online. If you need assistance to complete the document or access to a computer, please go to your local Preschool/Primary School and they will assist you with completing the enrolment.
  • These areas are not classed as suburbs: Woden, Manuka & Kippax. If you refer to the PEA’s on the Education Directorate (ETD)’s web site you will note that these areas do not appear next to any school.
  • Be sure to use your actual suburb when submitting your online enrolment. ie “Swinger Hill” is classed as an estate, so your enrolment form will need to reflect your main suburb area ie Phillip, 2606.
  • If you are enrolling twins please check that BOTH children have been enrolled and that your application hasn’t been considered as a duplication.
  • If you don’t get in to your PEA preschool you are guaranteed your PEA school in Kindergarten.
  • For Yarralumla Preschool there are options to select the bilingual program or the Montessori program.
  • Only enrol your child ONCE! The most recent application for your child will be considered as the only enrolment for your child. It WILL NOT improve your chances of securing a place in an ACT Public School Preschool.
  • Children enrolling in Preschool must turn four before 30th April 2018 to be eligible for general enrolment. If you wish to pursue early entry, please speak to your local preschool about the process, or phone the Directorate on 6205 9296.

ACT Catholic Schools Preschools
(ie Early Learning Centres)

There are currently 8 regional Catholic Early Learning Centres (ELCs) in the ACT located at:

The ELCs incorporate preschool education for children and childcare is offered outside normal school hours and during school holiday periods.

ELCs are regional. There is an expectation that students enrolled in an ELC will continue their Catholic primary education at their local Parish primary school. View the Our Schools section of the Catholic Education website for ELC locations and details.

Parents enrolling their children in a Catholic ELC are asked to complete an official Enrolment Form before or during the fixed annual enrolment period which occurs during a three week period in May for the following year. Applications received after the due date can only be considered if vacancies still exist.

Independent and Private preschool enrolment dates are best ascertained through their individual web sites.

*Featured image – Bonython Preschool copied from Bonython Primary School website