Mission and objectives

Our Mission:


Objectives of ACT Playgroups

We value:

  • Parenting and a welcoming and supportive environment that affirms the relationships between children and care givers;
  • Learning through play and creativity;
  • Children, care givers and families and the formation of friendships;
  • Opportunities for sharing information to achieve balance in family lives;
  • Diversity, equity, access and participation;
  • Health, safety and acceptance of all;
  • Quality, best practice and affordability of services;
  • Community awareness of ACT Playgroups.

We Provide

Resources, Advice and Support

Our Commitment to You

We will:

  • provide prompt, friendly, respectful and individualised service;
  • continue to improve our practices in consultation with you;
  • always try to find a way to help you;
  • set membership fees for services based on a not-for-profit basis.