Our team

Professional staff are employed to plan, implement and evaluate support services to ACT Playgroups.

Support services include:

  • Visits to established playgroups;
  • Assistance in establishing new playgroups;
  • Support and training to volunteer contacts of Playgroups;
  • Referring interested members of the public to Playgroups;
  • Obtaining and administering grants for special projects which benefit Playgroup children and their carers;
  • Negotiating with organisations for new venues or changes to venue hire conditions;
  • Developing publications for Playgroups;
  • Facilitating Playgroups for families with children with additional needs;
  • Maintaining the office, including the membership and Playgroups database, website, Facebook page, etc.; and
  • Organising special promotions and events.

Call the office during opening hours to contact the following people:

  • President  Kate Sowerby
  • Acting Executive Officer  Carley Jones
  • Finance Officer Genny Newton
  • Development & Support Worker Megan Fisher
  • Development & Support Worker  Chandani Ramasundara
  • Development & Support Worker Cate Cool
  • Development & Support Worker Meryn Kennedy