Canberra Preschool Society – supporting families supporting preschools


Will your child be attending preschool next year? Are you wondering how you can be involved and engaged in your child’s learning experience? How will you fit within your school community? Joining your preschool’s Parent Association is a great way to support your child’s preschool which in turn helps your child get the most out of their preschool year. But who supports your preschool’s Parents’ Association?

The Canberra Preschool Society (CPS) has been committed to supporting parents and carers in their Preschool Parent Association roles for almost 75 years.

Originally founded as the Canberra Nursery Kindergarten Association in 1943, CPS has remained a strong presence within Canberra and comprises a group of motivated parents who have children enrolled in preschools and playschools across the ACT.

CPS gives guidance and support by assisting Preschool Parent Associations and Playschool Committees in their roles and responsibilities as committee members. As preschool is the year before compulsory schooling, a large proportion of our parent members are new to the operational processes in and around ACT government schools.

CPS provides an opportunity for parents of preschoolers to share their concerns, network, and to be in the loop with what’s going on in early education generally.

We seek and welcome input from our members about their concerns and questions about running their preschool committee, and this helps guide our direction.

More information:
ph: 6286 2527