Coronavirus update

ACT Playgroups is aware that there is much current media and information about the spread of Coronavirus and some families may find this worrying. 

We encourage all Playgroups to keep in mind:

  • If you have travelled overseas (or been in contact with someone who has) please be alert for any symptoms and seek medical assistance if required.
  • If you have been to a high risk country and are advised to be in self-quarantine, please do not come to playgroup until that period has elapsed.
  • If you or your child have symptoms, or appear unwell, please contact your family doctor and please do not come to playgroup until you get the OK to do so.
  • If you and your child have no symptoms, then you are ALL WELCOME at playgroup as usual.

To prevent the spread of sickness at your Playgroup, please:

  • encourage and practice good food hygiene
  • wash hands regularly (and dispose of tissues and nappies etc carefully)
  • clean/disinfect toys at the end of each session (if they have been in children’s mouths etc)
  • avoid contact with others by staying home if you or your child are unwell
  • teach children to cough and sneeze into their elbow; and
  • avoid touching, kissing and hugging children, parents and caregivers (when you are not well).
  • For information about the virus and how to respond, please refer the online resources and information provided by the Australian Government Department of Education And Austrlian Government Department of Health