As restrictions ease, we look forward to helping you return to face to face Playgroup in Term 3 (week beginning Monday 20th July).

Attached you will find a checklist, which once filled out will act as your COVID 19 safe Playgroup plan.

We know it may seem like a lot of questions, however, filling out this checklist is very important for the safety of you and all who attend your Playgroup. Please take the time to carefully answer the questions. You will see there is a section about cleaning- please reach out if you are having issues sourcing cleaning/sanitising products. ACT Playgroups has a small number of hygiene and cleaning products available for Playgroups.

If you would like to further your knowledge on the importance of infection control, you can undertake the COVID-19 infection control online training. This is completely voluntary and more a FYI for you.

It is vital that your playgroup records the weekly attendance. In the unlikely event that a COVID 19 case arise in Playgroup, the information provided on the attendance sheet will be used to contact those in attendance. A template for attendance is contained in the checklist provided.

Your venue provider may also need to collect the weekly attendance sheets. If you or any of your Playgroup members have concerns about this, please get in touch with us.

We also have safety posters available for Playgroups to download via the Playgroup Australia website:

If you have questions before this phone call, please don’t hesitate to contact us at: