What are Playdates?

Playdates are interactive workshop sessions for you and your child/ren to participate in. You will learn play ideas and gather suggestions that you can further explore and expand on with your children, either at home or Playgroup.

There are four main Playdate session types, along with some others aimed at older children:

Sensory/Messy play / Baby sensory/messy play

At the sensory/messy play playdates you and your child will be able to explore the different textures and consistencies of several different substances. For the babies we use only food based substances. This is a fantastic medium for introducing or reinforcing new words and extending others. You will get messy in this fun session!




Physical Development

Children under five are starting to learn how to use their bodies. Regular physical activity through play not only improves motor skills, muscle and bone strength, it also develops a sense of self confidence and independence. Join us and explore how simple it is to bring more activity and movement into your family life and create positive attitudes towards being active.
Our Birth-Prewalker session focusses on engaging with your baby through movement and using resources easily sourced from home.
Our Walker-5 years session focusses on activities for gross motor skills and demonstrating loose parts play – all with home made resources.

Music & Movement / Baby Music & Movement

Both you and your child will have a great time moving to music, singing action songs, exploring instruments, scarves and more. Music is a fantastic way to develop concentration and confidence, as well as turn taking, language and social skills.  Find out what you can use from your home environment, to make music.






There are many ways to develop literacy skills.  Tell a story with participation, dramatisation, puppet play and lots of interaction. This session demonstrates several ways of using books, paper, puppets, props and more! We’ll show you how to encourage children to sit and listen, join in, etc.

Science and Numeracy

(Session for 2-5’s only)
Science and Numeracy are all around. Have fun with experiments, play games and take part in more fun and interactive activities to extend you child’s interest, develop and understanding of maths, numeracy and science through play. Come along and find out just how much fun it can be!



5 Little ducks


Change and Transition

(Session for 3-5 years)

Is your family ready for childcare, preschool, school or another program? What skills are needed to ensure everyone gets the most from this next stage in their lives? Come see, play and learn…


From time to time we may also offer different sessions not included above.

Playdate sessions are held three times per year during the school holidays in April, July and October. The next Playdates sessions will be held in the week of October 2nd – October 5th 2018 at the Cook Community Hub, 41 Templeton Street Cook.

Booking form for the October Playdates is now available below.


Date/Time Monday
1st October
2nd October
3rd October
4th Ocober
5th October
    9:30 am – 10:15am


Public Holiday


Pre Walker0 – 2 years

Baby Literacy

0 – 2 years

Baby Sensory


0 – 2 years

Baby Music


0 – 2 years

10:45 am – 11:30am Public Holiday Physical/
Sensory2 – 5 years
Baby Sensory0 – 2 years Physical
Pre Walker0 – 2 years

2 – 5 years
   12.00 pm – 12:45pm Public Holiday

Baby Music

0 – 2 years


Baby Sensory

0 – 2 years


Baby Music


0 – 2 years

Pre – Walker0 – 2 years


1.15pm – 2.00pm


Public Holiday Literacy
2 – 5 years
Contact Session

Children Welcome
Change & Transition
3 – 5 years

2 – 5 years


Note that PlayDates are for ACT Playgroups members only (membership is currently FREE) and bookings cost $5.00 per family per session, payable on the day. Bookings must indicate a first and second preference and are taken on a first come, first served basis and may fill up before the closing date, Thursday 4th October 2018.  If you wish to attend more than one session, please use a new form for each booking or day.

Next PlayDates will be held in the October school holidays.