Playgroup Registration

Why should we register our Playgroup with ACT Playgroups Association?

While there are a large number of Playgroups in the ACT and surrounding region, only those who are registered with ACT Playgroups receive our support. While many of the ways that we assist Playgroups are “behind the scenes” we also provide assistance to Playgroups directly. It’s all important and part of what makes the Playgroup movement great! These are just some of the things that we do for our Playgroups:

  • Negotiate affordable insurance coverage for our family members
  • Negotiate with venues to find suitable locations, as well as negotiating more affordable hire rates
  • Assist playgroups with finding new members through advertising and suggestions as to how Playgroups can help themselves
  • Liaise with other community organisations and Government to provide a better deal for our playgroups and families
  • Help new Playgroups get started
  • Assisting the volunteer Playgroup contacts with many things such as:
    – answering questions about the running of their playgroup
    – assisting them with strategies to deal with issues or concerns within their
    – helping them to find someone to take over when they move on
  • Sourcing and writing articles specifically chosen for families with Playgroup aged children for our monthly publication, ACTive Play
  • Editing and distributing ACTive Play
  • Keeping a record of financial members for insurance purposes
  • Visiting playgroups on the ground to offer assistance and advice
  • Find and give advice on suitable activity ideas
  • Offer suggestions to Playgroups as to the best use of their space
  • Assist with suggestions for setting rosters and routines
  • Facilitate a number of playgroups for families of children with additional needs
  • Put on several major events across the year for the benefit of our members and the community
  • Refer new members of the ACT community to local playgroups
  • and much more!!

Playgroup registration is free although we do have a policy that there be at least one membership associated with each Playgroup.