Mighty Movers CBR – Active Play #19 Go Bush

When I’m asked, “What is your favourite playground?” – my first response is generally a mix of:

  • a place I can walk to from home
  • a nature reserve near my home, and
  • the bush!

To me, the bush is one of the best playgrounds we can take our kids to. There’s so much space to run, lots to explore and normally fallen trees to climb, balance along and jump off. The bush, unlike most built playgrounds, changes markedly with the seasons and weather and helps kids tune in to nature with experiences like finding and smelling the delicate Chocolate Lily.

When I spend time with families at Bush Groups I’m always part of great movement, observe exciting explorations and hear interesting conversations. Active Play Idea #19 ‘Go Bush’ has been created as a resource to kick start your playgroup or family bush adventures.

Move More Sit Less and go bush in Australia’s Bush Capital, Canberra!

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Mighty Movers CBR is an initiative of the Bluearth Foundation run in partnership with ACT Playgroups and supported by the ACT Government under the ACT Health Promotion Grants Program. We hope it helps you, your children and your family Move More, Sit Less.