Mighty Movers CBR – Active Play #20 The Gingerbread Man

I must admit, I love the quiet time of snuggling up with my child and sharing a book. Although, what I enjoy even more is hearing and observing the stories we share weave their way into his play, singing and story telling. Through Mighty Movers CBR I’ve come to value bringing books to life with movement. Story time doesn’t have to always be quiet time and indoors – it can be active, exuberant, noisy, full of self-expression and take place outdoors – that’s why we’ve created Active Play Idea #20.

Your local Libraries ACT staff will be able to assist you with titles that will get you and your children moving. Or go online and check out their Kids Programs like Giggle & Wiggle.

Move More Sit Less when sharing story time with your child!

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Mighty Movers CBR is an initiative of the Bluearth Foundation run in partnership with ACT Playgroups and supported by the ACT Government under the ACT Health Promotion Grants Program. We hope it helps you, your children and your family Move More, Sit Less.