Mighty Movers CBR – Summer break

With the festive season and Summer holidays just around the corner, Mighty Movers CBR is going to take a short break from sharing weekly Active Play Ideas with you. For holiday play inspiration, print out Nature Play CBR‘s Summer play list.

I hope you enjoy a wonderful time with family and friends at Christmas, and try to make these the Move More Sit Less Holidays. I look forward to seeing you and sharing with you more active play in 2018.

Nicole Sadlier, Physical Activity Project Officer (ACT) / Mighty Movers CBR

How can you help to support and spread the word on Active Play?

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• Let us know if your family, playgroup or centre need help with making active play part of your everyday

Mighty Movers CBR is an initiative of the Bluearth Foundation run in partnership with ACT Playgroups and supported by the ACT Government under the ACT Health Promotion Grants Program. We hope it helps you, your children and your family Move More, Sit Less.