01 Promote and support the
provision of community and
self-determined playgroups.
02 Promote the benefits of
playgroup to all families

We Value

01 Parents as a child’s first
02 Opportunities to build
community connections
03 Learning through play for all
04 Safe play spaces for all
05 The ability for all to build social
06 The provision of quality

We Provide

01 Advice and support to families
02 Advice and support on all
matters related to all things
03 Resources relating to family support and playgroup
04 Events to support families and the awareness building of the benefits of playgroup

Our Commitment to You

We will provide all members and families with:

01 Prompt, friendly, respectful and individualised service
02 Strive to improve based on member feedback
03 Advice on best practice playgroups

Playgroup Statement

Children and their families have played and learned on Australian lands for many thousands of years. Connecting with this history, playgroups have a rich place in Australian communities. Communities are where children and their families live, sharing social connections with each other as they play and learn.

Playgroup participation contributes to family support and early childhood development outcomes and sits within the context of Family Support services and the Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) sector.

Playgroup Statement


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