Many people question what age is too young for babies or children to begin playgroup. The answer is none, and babies as young as a few days old have been known to attend! While Playgroup provides a great experience for the children, it also benefits the parents. Families of young babies can therefore profit from the experience as much as families with older children, if perhaps in a slightly different way.

In the ACT, baby playgroups are specifically for families with children under one year of age. Many baby playgroups start up after the end of one of ACT Health’s New Parent Groups.

These groups benefit the parents involved as the members in the group can help support each other in their shared journey into parenthood. The members have a common bond with the age of their children, and many baby playgroup members go on to create life long friendships. Children often end up at school together and have a friend they can turn to on their exciting but sometimes intimidating first day.

If you are interested in finding a baby playgroup near you please contact us for more information.