Types of Playgroups

Types of Playgroups

There are four (4) main types of playgroups –

Community Playgroups – The majority of playgroups in and around Canberra are community based, run by the members in each group. You would expect to meet the same families at playgroup from week to week and these groups are generally smaller and more intimate.

Special interest playgroups – These groups are generally community playgroups that share a common interest, for example around a particular language or culture, an educational philosophy (e.g. Steiner, Montessori), a carer type (e.g. males, grandparents, young mums, etc), or a special focus such as music, nature, intergenerational, etc.

Early Intervention Playgroups – These facilitated groups are for families with children with additional needs or chronic illness. They address the unique needs of each individual child as well as providing parents with the tools and strategies to help their child reach their full potential.

Paint & Playgroups – These larger, drop in style playgroups mostly run outdoors during school terms and are open to the wider community. They normally have one or more facilitators who assist with activities. You may or may not meet the same families from week to week.