Venue information

Playgroup Venues

Playgroups meet in all kinds of venues. What suits each group will vary according to the members in the group and where they feel comfortable meeting, or where they can afford. Most playgroups meet in a venue of some kind where everyone can take responsibility for the running of the group and pitch in to help clean up at the end of each session. Some playgroups choose to meet in each others homes, although bear in mind that this may be difficult if you have 10 or more toddlers running around! Others choose to vary their venue each week and might meet in the park one week, at the library the next and at the museum or swimming centre after that! Talk to your group and work out a solution that satisfies everyone.

These are some venues to consider:

ACT Playgroups managed venues
Community Centres/Houses
Church Halls
Guide/Scout Halls
Arboretum PlaygroundAged care homes
Swimming centres
Indoor gyms
Parks/outdoor venues
Indoor play centres
Child care centres

If you are still stuck for ideas, contact ACT Playgroups who may be able to offer suggestions for available venues in your neighbourhood.