Before you hire a venue!


Things you should know before you hire a venue!

Before you sign any hire agreement with your venue, please contact us with a copy of the agreement so we can get it approved by our insurers. We have previously found some venues asking groups to sign agreements that could make them responsible for things outside of their control. We are happy to help with the negotiations if necessary.

Working with Vulnerable People (WWVP) checking is not required and should not be part of the requirements in any venue hire agreement.  We have negotiated an exemption for playgroups from the WWVP Check (Working with Vulnerable People (Background Checking) Bill 2010, Part 3, section 11(e) – example: 1 playgroup)

Membership is required at all ACT Department of Education premises and ACT Playgroups’ venues.  Most other Playgroup venues also require that all those attending playgroup are members of the ACT Playgroups Association.  Please contact us if you need help in ensuring your group fulfils their venue’s contractual obligations.