What is a playgroup?

Playgroup is an informal session where parents, carers, babies and children aged birth to school age come together in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Playgroup gives children an opportunity to:

  • have fun,
  • make new friends, and
  • develop new skills through informal play.

Playgroup provides parents and carers with:

  • an opportunity to meet other parents and carers,
  • make friends, and
  • share ideas and experiences.

Playgroup also allows parents and carers to:

  • spend quality time with their children,
  • encouraging, helping or simply playing with their children.

Playgroups are:

  • not-for-profit,
  • run by, and for the parents who attend.
  • usually held once a week for a two hour session,
  • held in a variety of venues such as church halls, community and neighbourhood centres, Scout or Guide halls, schools and in people’s homes.

Playgroups are located throughout the ACT: there’s probably a Playgroup just up the street from you!