While no one wants to think about it, accidents happen and insurance has become a big part of our daily lives.

The ACT Playgroups Association negotiates on behalf of playgroups and their member families, to obtain reasonably priced insurance coverage. This includes:

  • personal accident insurance for you and your child
  • public liability insurance for the Playgroup
  • contents insurance for your playgroup’s toys and equipment.

We often receive questions about insurance and have compiled a fact sheet which includes the answers to some general questions that are often asked. Click the following link to see this information: ACT Playgroups insurance information.

Any incidents which result in injury must be reported to the ACT Playgroups office to be handled by the insurer. Please complete this Accident Incident Form.

If any damage or theft occurs at your Playgroup please contact us immediately, especially if your playgroup meets at Mawson or Lanyon where we manage the property, but cannot often be in attendance.

If you have any additional questions that are not answered here or by the fact sheet, please contact us.