Most members know about the wonderful events we hold every year and many members also know about the free Playdate workshops we offer every holidays but  here is a list of some of the other things your Playgroup Association provides:

Our Development and Support team:

* Offer practical help and advice to any playgroup dealing with issues such as finding a venue, challenging behaviour or conflict at playgroup, ideas and resources for activities and excursions

* Facilitate a number of playgroups each week, for families with children with additional needs; special playgroups for families with challenges and more

* Visit New Parent Groups and existing playgroups

* Plan, develop and create new play resources

* Develop and publish new brochures and booklets

* Explore potential venues and negotiate rental arrangements

* Present at conferences and Expo events to showcase our resources


Our Administration team:

* Handle dozens of email and phone enquiries every day

* Maintain the member database, the website and Facebook page

* Process and record all financial matters

* Organise and support our comprehensive playgroup and member insurance packages


Secret Playgroup Business

* Advocate for playgroups and families with children in a number of
areas eg NDIS, government policies and funding

* Contribute to discussions with government and other organisations around new programs, policies etc

* Liaise with other early childhood and family support organisations to gain
information about the best services available for families

* Actively participate with other State and Territory Playgroup Associations to support Playgroup Australia in promoting the value of playgroups



We produce a monthly newsletter (ACTive Play) as well as mid-monthly emails to all members (who have given us a valid email address) with the newsletter and any other updates.  We provide information packs to all participants in the ACT MaCH New Parent Group program (over 1,000 each year). Our website and are regularly updated with news, events and things to do at playgroup or home. We also have a range of specific resources available such as Starting a Playgroup package, annual Playgroup Kits, brochures, flyers and booklets etc.


Help us to help you

  • Tell us if your personal details change (address, phone number, email) OR if you have another child OR change playgroups.
  • Tell us if you stop going to playgroup.
  • Tell us if your group’s main contact person changes.
  • Tell us if your group’s arrangements change (meeting day or time, venue).
  • Tell us if your group stops meeting.
  • Tell us if your group is losing members so we can refer new members BEFORE you decide to stop meeting.