We all know it’s important to teach our children about fire safety. Here are some activity ideas for playgroup to reinforce the message.


Art – Fire Spatters
Let children draw and colour a house with windows. Then place a dot of red paint in each window. Encourage children to blow through a straw to blow the paint, to create a fire spray effect. Repeat with a dot of yellow paint.

Add small fire engines, ambulances, firemen, etc; to your block area. Model for the children how to create a fire station by building a tower with a drive through passage.  Encourage children to build their own fire stations, houses, etc.

Sensory – Fire Findings
Add red shredded tissue paper to the table. Hide items that are fire safety related: fire engines, fire hat, firemen, water hose pieces.

Sensory – Creating Fire
Add red and yellow paint into resealable bags for the children to squish around. They will enjoy creating the colour orange without getting their hands dirty!

Add dress up items such as: firefighter hats/outfits, a chart of stop, drop, and roll, a small piece of water hose, plastic fire hydrant, etc;

Fine motor – Firey Necklaces
Use red vinyl lacing string to lace coloured macaroni: red, yellow, and orange.

Physical Play – Movement and Dance
Grab some red, yellow and orange scarves and dance around to music.

Physical Play – Ladder Rungs
Bring in a small wooden ladder and let the children take turns jumping/hopping through the rungs. Using masking tape, set a numbered label between each rung.
Encourage the child to say each number as he/she hops through the rung.


Fire fighter Song
(Tune: I’m a Little Teapot)

I’m a brave fire fighter on the go,
Here is my helmet,
Here is my hose,
When I see a fire, here me shout,
“Turn on the water and put the fire out!”
Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (water sound effect)

Stop, Drop, and Roll
(Tune: Farmer in the Dell)

Stop, drop, and roll
Stop, drop, and roll
If fire is on your clothing,
Just stop, drop, and roll.

Stop, drop and roll
Stop, drop, and roll
Keep rolling till the fire is out
Just stop, drop, and roll.

Down By the Station (by Erin Lassiter)
(Have children echo each line)

Down by the station, Early in the morning
See the shiny fire trucks, All in a row

See the fire fighters, Slide down the fire pole
Woo Woo Beep Beep, Off they go!