There are many reasons why families or communities may look to establish their own Playgroup. They include:

  • A Mother’s group is wanting to continue meeting and evolve into a Playgroup
  • A group of families have similar backgrounds or interest e.g., Spanish speaking
  • There are currently no local Playgroups
  • You can’t find a Playgroup to suit your needs

ACT Playgroups has a team of Playgroup Support and Development professionals who can assist you with establishing a new Playgroup.

The team can take you through each step, including locating a venue, seeking resources, advertising for further members and activity ideas and resources.

Alternatively, if you are already an established Playgroup and want to join ACT Playgroups, then click here

The Support and Development team can be contacted via email (or automated?) or by calling them on 1800 171 882 and requesting a How to start a Playgroup checklist and info. The team is ready to help you on your Playgroup journey.

ACT Playgroups Volunteer Board of Management strives to provide a strong, committed collaborative governance team for ACT Playgroups and welcomes nominations from interested parties to join the existing team.

To help get you started, download our free guide ’10 Simple Steps to Start a Playgroup


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