Playgroups provide families with a safe and supportive environment to build
connections to the local community and form friendships to share the family
journey with. Being able to come together and share and connect with other
families is beneficial for the entire family and an important step to positive
mental health and wellbeing for both parent/carer and child.

Across the ACT, there are all kinds of Playgroups, and no two Playgroups are the same. Some playgroups are more structured and follow a set routine, whilst other playgroups are flexible and take the lead of the children. Some Playgroups may also have more than one session per week.

ACT Playgroups has community Playgroups open to all in the community, and then specific types based on age of child, cultural language groups, Montessori, parents with multiples, intergenerational and more. To find out more about the different types of playgroups, click here.

Community Playgroups are led by volunteer parents/carers in the local community and take place at schools, community centres, church halls, or any suitable community space. You can join a playgroup or start your own!

Useful Resources

Resource Name

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What are Playgroups – Chinese

What are Playgroups – Japanese

What are Playgroups – Spanish

What are Playgroups – Urdu

Playgroup gives children an opportunity to:

  • Have fun,
  • Make new friends, and
  • Develop new skills through play.

Playgroup provides parents and carers with:

  • An opportunity to meet other parents and carers,
  • Develop a local peer support network, and
  • Share ideas and experiences.

Playgroup also allows parents and carers to:

  • Spend quality time with their children,
  • Share and connect with peers
  • Be a playmate for their child

Playgroups are:

  • Not-for-profit,
  • Run by, and for the parents/carers who attend.
  • Usually held once a week for a two-hour session,
  • Held in a variety of venues such as church halls, community and neighbourhood centres, Scout or Guide halls, schools and in people’s homes.

Who can attend playgroup?

Your annual, family ACT Playgroup membership covers children from birth- to 5
and their parents, carers,foster carers, grandparents, aunties and uncles, nannies …
Every family member or carer is welcome.


Your support is always appreciated!

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