Playgroup Support and Development Worker

Playgroup Support and Development Worker

ACT Playgroups is looking for an experienced and motivated person to help support our range of Supported Playgroup programs. This person will work with the existing Playgroup team to support the creation and delivery of tailored Supported Playgroups by assisting with the delivery of Supported Playgroups, children’s activities, play ideas and by helping to set up and pack up each session. Support and development staff will also be responsible for accurate data and record keeping. Good office-based and administrative skills are also important.

The job requires a driver’s license and ability to lift and carry equipment, experience/enthusiasm in working with young children and families and will need an ACT
Working with Vulnerable People Check.

This job entails an understanding of the importance of early childhood and the nature of Playgroups, experience in relating to children and parents/carers as well as the ability to work both independently and as part of a team. Understanding of Community Development is also required.

This role will require working at the Cook office as well as Playgroup venues across the ACT and region. It will also involve administrative duties relating to preparing resources, liaising with families, and major events and advocacy opportunities.

The job is on a part-time basis starting at 6 hours per week, with growth possibility. We are a small and welcoming team of dedicated staff who are committed to helping ACT families connect and share the experience of raising young children.

The position will be at SCHaDSI (SACS) Level X. For more information or to apply, please direct your email to our Acting Executive Officer, Carley Jones at Applications should be a maximum of three pages, include a CV and two referees.

Core Responsibilities and Duties

Support and deliver supported playgroup programs by:

• Delivering Supported Playgroup sessions across the ACT,
• Contributing to programming, and session and event planning,
• Working with the playgroup support team,
• Assisting with other playgroup programs – when required,
• Helping to collect statistical information and fulfil reporting requirements,
• Providing support to families, children and organisations in the field,
• Developing and devising new activities and ways of connecting with clients, and
• Presenting information/advocating to playgroups, parents, partners and others.

Team Responsibilities and Duties

• Provide support to team members at time of high workload.
• Constructively contribute to the organisation’s planning processes.
• Contribute to a continuous improvement concept in the organisation.
• Respect diversity in team members and the organisation’s clients
• Provide a client focused approach to all tasks and activities.


This job will be directly supervised and supported by the Community Playgroup Team Leader under the direction of the Executive Officer and the ACT Playgroups’ Board.


Diploma in Early Education and Care, Community Development.

Experience with relating to young children and their parents/carers, good computer skills, enthusiasm for the outdoors and an understanding of the playgroup model is desired.

The ACT Playgroups Association:

ACT Playgroups has been supporting the families of young children (0-5) in the ACT Community for over 40 years. Through parent directed and managed Playgroups, children
have the opportunity to participate in age and developmentally appropriate play and develop social skills in a safe and friendly environment. Playgroup families have the
opportunity to network, share ideas, support and encourage each other in a friendly, supportive environment.

ACT Playgroups currently supports 2500 families (and 3500 children) through more than 200 playgroups in the ACT region.

In addition, we facilitate playgroups for isolated and disadvantaged families, children with disabilities and chronic illnesses and specific groups for children with Autism-like like characteristics. In the past five years we have run over 30 such facilitated groups in the ACT area.

We also run regular educative workshops (on play and learning), weekly Paint and Playgroup sessions at various venues around the ACT and three major free events each year (attracting over 2,000 participants).

Carley Jones
Acting Executive Officer
ACT Playgroups
ph. 1800 171 882 or 02 6251 0261
fax. 02 6251 9887

ACT Playgroups has a Support and Development Worker position currently available in our Community Playgroup program. These Supported Playgroups are tailored to the needs of the community and form part of our Community Playgroup program held at various locations across the ACT each morning during the school term.

We are seeking vibrant and energetic individuals to support the Community Playgroup Team Leader, and the ACT Playgroups Team.

ACT Playgroups supports a wide variety of playgroups across the ACT and has been doing so for over 40 years. We are a family friendly Organisation and our purpose is to support young children, parents and families to have quality interactions through Playgroups. As a staff team, we value honesty, respect, and trust.

Qualifications and experience in working with families and Early Childhood would be advantageous. First Aid and a valid WWVC in the ACT are requirements.

Further information can be obtained by contacting Carley at Applications to be submitted addressing all responsibilities and should be no longer than 3 pages.

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