With ACT Playgroups organisational membership, your organisation:

  • Assist new Playgroups get started and establish
  • May participate at ACT Playgroups major events for FREE
  • Assist Playgroups to acquire resources
  • Assist Playgroups with seeking new members through advertising and referrals
  • Liaise with other Community Organisations and Government to provide support for Playgroups and attending families
  • Will receive referral of new members to your playgroup(s).
  • Assist the Playgroup Contacts with many Playgroup related topics, such as how to provide structure for the Playgroup, suitable play ideas, strategies to deal with issues or concerns within their Playgroup, suggestions for getting all families involved and other family support.
  • Access to our dedicated Playgroup Development & Support Officers for any Playgroup inquiries or assistance via phone, emails and support visits

Organisational membership is an annual membership with
a common expiry date of 1 March each year. There is a
reduced membership fee if your organisation joins
after 1st October.

If you have any questions regarding Organisational membership please contact us.

Complete the Organisational Membership form (Organisation Membership Form to 2024) in order to join and register your playgroups.

Important- ACT Playgroups expects that organisational members running a playgroup will have public liability insurance coverage at a minimum. Please note that organisational membership does not include any insurance coverage, and as such your members are not covered by ACT Playgroups personal accident insurance. You are encouraged to suggest that they might like to become family members for the additional insurance coverage and other benefits.

Organisation Membership Application / Renewal


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