Painting at Playgroup

Children thrive on the multi sensory learning opportunity painting can bring. Not only is painting great fun but it has great benefits in the early years.

Benefits of Painting

Skill Development:  Painting develops fine motor control and hand eye coordination. Holding paintbrushes and learning to control paint helps build skills necessary for later writing skills at school.

Perceptional abilities:  Exploration of colour, texture, forms and pattern develop
perceptual skills.

Expression of feelings: Engaging in painting experiences helps children who have
difficulty sharing what they feel and think express themselves in a non threatening way (e.g. selecting bright colours for a painting to match a happy mood).

Development of maths and science skills:   Whilst painting, children experiment with size, shape and line, observe, describe, analyse and interpret.  Doing this develops mathematical abilities.  Seeing how paint changes texture when it dries or how paint changes colour when it is mixed helps children develop science skills and an inquiring mind.

Task analysis:  Painting activities are fun, non threatening ways to teach task analysis. Learning how one begins a project, despite what comes next and then continue to the end of the task can all be learnt through enjoying the painting process.

Sharing and cooperation:  When learning to paint children often work with other children and adults.  This interaction builds social skills, develops communication skills, cooperation skills, collaboration and the ability to take turns.

Fosters creativity: Painting helps children think with an open mind and learn to
express themselves imaginatively and creatively. Children also learn that there is not just one right answer, there are multiple ways to do things and multiple points of view.

Builds self esteem:  When children paint they gain a skill that they feel proud of.   Because there is no right way to paint children can be proud to be unique and express their own artistic ideas.

You can find some great ideas for painting activities to include in your playgroup session here.