Holt – Abeltje Speelgroep

A playgroup that is associated with the Dutch school Abeltje, and provides an opportunity for young children to engage with the Dutch Language. The playgroup is facilitated in Dutch and includes activities based around themes, such as story time, treasure hunts, word games and other activities that encourage language exploration. This playgroup doesnt require mastering the Dutch language, but it is important that children are familiar with the Dutch language. It is preferred that the language is used and practised on a regular basis as the playgroup doesn’t teach the language but uses the language in all activities and communications.


KippaxKids Playroom, UnitingCare Kippax,
Corner of Hardwick Crescent & Luke Street
HOLT, Belconnen 2615


Group Email: canberradutchschool@gmail.com

Additional Information

Status: Conditional Membership

Group Contact Name: Joyce

Region: Belconnen

Age Group:


Playgroup Type:


Opening Hours

Tuesday: 16:00 – 17:30 o'Clock

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