How to Showcase, Strengthen and Support your Playgroup

Playgroups are a great source of fun, enjoyment, connection and learning for families in your community and are an important and integral community resource. Promoting your playgroup can help to:

  • Inform other families in the community about your playgroup
  • Support families with young children who feel isolated
  • Make the general community aware of the value of playgroups
  • Attract new members

Here are a few tips to get the word out about your playgroup:

Membership: Encouraging all Playgroup families to become members of ACT Playgroups and maintaining membership ensures members are kept up to date with ideas, resources and activities that ACT Playgroups has to offer. Membership also
provides insurance and support.  Membership forms can be downloaded from our website here.

Register your Playgroup: Ensure your playgroup is registered with ACT Playgroups. Once registered your playgroup’s details will be added to the ‘Find a playgroup’ directory. You can find a registration form on our website here.

ACTive Play and Facebook Notices: If your playgroup needs more members you can also gain extra publicity by letting others know through our ACTive Play monthly digest and through Facebook posts on ACT Playgroups’ page. Send us an email or Facebook message with information, stories, and photos of your playgroup to  or go to  We will then publish this in our monthly digest or post this to our Facebook page.

Create a Facebook Group for your Playgroup:  Create your own Playgroup Facebook page to stay in touch with your members and people in your local community. There are already many playgroups in the ACT who are successfully using Facebook as a way of promoting their Playgroup. We try to follow all your pages as we love to see what playgroups are getting up to and share information, ideas and resources, so please invite ACT Playgroups to join your group. Contact ACT Playgroups for a tipsheet on how to create a Facebook page for your group.

Word of mouth: Most families join a playgroup because a friend invited them. Word-of-mouth is one of the best ways of finding and starting a group. Introduce yourself to other parents at the shops, park, restaurants or even at the doctor’s office.

Posters and flyers: A poster about your playgroup can be really useful.  A poster should include information about what to expect. You could use a generic statement or have dot points listing what happens at a regular session. Include contact
details, the day(s), time(s) and suburb.

Places to distribute or place your poster, flyer etc could include local shops, schools and preschools, churches, Child and Family Centre, health centres, doctors’ surgeries, dentists, public notice boards, Scout and Guide halls, libraries.

ACT Playgroups has some fabulous flyer templates for your playgroup to use. Please contact ACT Playgroups and flyers will be sent to you to suit your needs.

Brochures: Make a brochure for your playgroup. Brochures are smaller versions of posters with more details added such as: Playgroup name, ages of children, what a playgroup is, where and when you meet, contact person, what happens at your
playgroup, what to bring, cost, as well as your Playgroup’s basic guidelines and philosophy. Circulate the brochures around the local area, have a pram walk and drop brochures in letterboxes or leave them at places in your community such as libraries, child health centres, doctors’ surgeries or chemists. ACT Playgroups has brochure templates for registered Playgroups to use. Contact us for details.

Ads in publications: Many community newsletters and papers allow not for profit groups to advertise for free or for a small cost. These adverts need to be brief. Here is an example:

LOLLYPOPS PLAYGROUP: Come and enjoy some time with your child and other carers for songs, play and a chat. Wednesday 12:30-2:00pm during school term. A gold coin donation is appreciated towards afternoon tea. Contact XXXX

Places that have free advertising include

  • ACTewAGL Community Switch
  • Canberra’s Child
  • Canberra Times – Fridge Door
  • Chronicle – What’s on
  • Win TV Community File
  • PRIME Info net
  • Communities online
  • Gumtree
  • AllClassifieds

Banners: Banners can advertise your playgroup. They are easy to create and put up if you have a fence or trees in your area. On your banner include the name of your playgroup and when it meets.

Sandwich Boards: A sandwich board can be put out during the playgroup session. It tells carers that they can drop in as the session is on. The board could simply have the playgroup name and an arrow or directions of where to enter. A blackboard works well.

Media Releases: Media releases help promote your Playgroup, publicise events and gain community support.

Ideas for using this resource include promoting a Playgroup fun day, inviting new members, encouraging community donations or announcing a new Playgroup.

ACT Playgroups can help you with media release templates for Playgroups. Please contact ACT Playgroups for a copy of the media release template.

Once complete you can then distribute the media release to:

  • Local newspapers and radio stations
  • Community boards in supermarkets,
  • Shopping centres
  • Local schools and churches
  • Health clinics

Information stand: Set up an information stand at the local shopping centre, library, community centres etc. This is a great way to speak personally with people. Have information that people can take away with them. ACT Playgroups has a wide range of brochures and information about Playgroup that they can provide you.  Remember to get permission from the venue owner to set up an information stand.

Events: Plan an event to promote your Playgroup. This could be an open day, a teddy bears picnic or a bring a friend to Playgroup event. Advertise widely. Possibly organise special activities for families to participate in. Maybe invite the local media or write a story for ACT Playgroups and/or community newsletters to publish and possibly come to take photos. Make sure that the event is well organised and that all visitors are warmly welcomed and encouraged to join in. Be sure to have information on hand about your Playgroup including contact names and details, session times and costs. The aim is to make the day so much fun, that families want to return.

Professionals and groups: Ask for help from your local community or health centre, church leader, school principal or preschool teacher. People working with families are often happy to help or suggest ways of promoting Playgroup.

Newspaper stories: Getting publicity in local newspapers and magazines (Chronicle, City News etc) is easier than you think. Local newspapers are about local news and what better than a story about a local Playgroup. Offer the newspaper a photo opportunity. Try something different such as children making a mural, a special event, a visiting Grandparents day etc.

If you have any more ideas for ways to promote your Playgroup, we’d love to here them!